Collection: Brackets

We offer our SAF Series, FSD Series and F Series filters brackets.  We also have a fixing clip for ATD Series.

The SAF Series brackets are designed to mount three filters "in series."  You will need to cut the rod to mount less than three units.  We don't have brackets for SAF-515 or FSD-515-W at this time.

The F Series brackets can be used for all three models: FS-1, FC-1 & FD-1.  The MBK-1/2 is for obsolete models (FS-1/2, FC-1/2 & FD-1/2).

The ATD-FX is compatible with the ATD-1/4, ATD-1/2 and ATD-1/2-CL.  The fixing clip for the ATD-1/4-XL is included with the dryer.

Our brackets are designed only for the Super-Dry filters; They are unsuitable for the Devilbiss DAD 500 or Devilbiss CT30.