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HGT 1/4 - Humidity Temperature Gauge

HGT 1/4 - Humidity Temperature Gauge


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The HGT Series Humidity Gauge enables you to determine the level of cartridge saturation inside a D Series Compressed Air Dryer. The reading of moisture establishes the optimum moment for maintenance. The HGT reading accuracy can fluctuate based on environment and seasonality.  It is not a substitute for a dew point monitor.


NPT: 1/4"
R.H.: 20-100 %
TEMP: 10-160 F



1. Do you recommend this product for outdoor applications?
The gauge is rugged enough for job sites. However, variations in temperatures will affect the %R.H. reading. In cold temperatures, the saturation percentage will increase.

2. What is relative humidity?
Warm air can possess more water vapor capacity than cold air, so with the same amount of absolute/specific humidity, air will have a HIGHER relative humidity if the air is cooler and a LOWER relative humidity if the air is warmer.

3. Will the HGT provide me with a dew point?
No, the HGT indicates only the relative humidity. Although more accurate than color-changing silica gel indicators, the HGT will not provide the accuracy of a dew point monitor.

4. Does the HGT is essential to the performance of the dryer?
No, the D Series air dryer comes stock with pressure gauges. The HGT is an optional accessory that replaces the top pressure gauge. Its purpose is to indicate the optimal moment for the cartridge replacement.

5. How to interpret the readings?
When you monitor the relative humidity, you should always record the temperature (ex: 40% @ 80 °F). When your air dryer is brand new, you can expect relative humidity of 35%. Over time it will increase, and when it exceeds 80%, it is time to replace the desiccant cartridge.

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